My experience with Micro-clustered water

I just wanted to let you know about my experience with Micro-clustered Kangen water. The molecules are very small so they penetrate better than any other water, bringing oxygen and nutrients into your cells 4 times better than tap water. I’m 63 and last summer I was on the other end of 20 ft 2×12’s with my nephew who is 21 and in good shape on the other end and we were taking them up ladders (him on one end me on the other) and putting them on top of a barn, all day long. He drinks Mountain Dew and I drink Kangen water 9.5ph. He was sore for two days while I never felt it (that surprised me). Anyway the point is, we are 75% water and no matter what you put into your body if the water you are drinking does not get the nutrients and oxygen into the cells you are wasting it. And that is not counting the fact that my left arm and shoulder that has been hurting more and more over the last 10 years, does not hurt anymore.

For a quick preview check this out,

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