Helping others get healthy.

I guess the most fun about sharing Alkaline water and it’s benefits is when we are able to actually share the water. We generally deliver water to people for free every Monday, Wednesday and Friday within a 50 mile radius for 3 weeks so people can actually try the water.

I feel like the old milkman, We just ask people to set their jugs out on the porch and we just drive by and leave full ones. We want people to be educated and quit all sodas and sport drinks for that period.

A few people have reported getting a headache at first and some quit. But for the ones that try it, over 90% report a noticeable positive improvement of some kind and the list is varied, psoriasis clearing up, blood pressure coming down, arthritis and general aches and pains gone, stomach problems no more, major gout relief, cancers in remission, athletes foot and infections gone (2.5ph water), PMS relief, muscle soreness relieved, dry skin and acne improved, cholesterol lowered, being able to get off insulin, weight loss and more energy to just name a few.

It is very rewarding to have been a help to people. What kind of results will you have ?    Or if you are drinking the water, tell us about it, leave a comment.

Have a great new year,

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