Degenerative disease and diabetes

I wanted to share something I just learned recently about diabetes and that is it’s most commonly a degenerative disease and that most of the degenerative disease in todays society is a result of an acidic body. Caused from our high acid diet of packaged and fast food, sodas, sport drinks and beer. (sorry beer)

It was shown by 2 time Nobel Prize Dr Otto Warburg that changing the blood PH even just a little to the alkaline side slows down the degeneration and eventually it goes away because it’s the wrong environment.

I know of several and I have heard of others that within a couple months of drinking Alkaline Antioxidant water that you make at home with a quality water ionizer, were able to get off insulin completely. It is worth looking into, I know personally that I have had tremendous pain relief from arthritis. And I hear every day from people I share water with how much it has done for them.

Why as a society are we so slow about learning these things ? It’s like, ‘Well it was good enough for Granddad, I guess it’s good enough for me’ Yea but granddad hurt all over and sometime after 60 he started really slowing down. Well I’m well into my 60’s and I don’t plan to slow down too much anytime soon. We have places to go, fish to catch, mountains to climb (I have slowed down on those, because I’m smarter), I can still out walk the grandkids.

I plan to live to be 100, but what point would it be if I was sick all the time ?

Have a fantastic and Healthy New Year…

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