RO Reverse Osmosis and Essential Minerals

Reverse osmosis is a membrane filter that water is forced though under pressure after it has gone through pre-filters to keep the membrane from clogging. The filtration going through the membrane is so good that it removes almost everything and yes it is very clean water. But it is unhealthy water because it removed almost everything, some call it dead water.

Some of those essential minerals are, potassium, calcium, manganese, electrolytes.

The reason it is bad for the body is not only did it remove the Essential minerals that our body needs, but water has a memory and a natural attraction to these minerals. So when the RO water enters the body, it is sort of like a magnet and it pulls the essential minerals out of our body on it’s way out. If you have RO I suggest looking into getting a remineralizer filter and installing it after the RO. We went with the one that is made from coral. It is made by animals so it must be organic. Should be able to do the add on for about $60 not counting the install and it lasts a really long time.

Reverse osmosis water is also on the acidic side, the acid-alkaline balance of the body is incredibly important and in acute cases, an imbalance can even be a cause for a medical emergency. However, much of the damage it does is in the long-term that we don’t notice till it’s too late, contributing to heart disease, cancer, poor circulation and poor digestion, just to name a few of the unfortunate side-effects. Keeping to an alkaline diet and drinking alkaline antioxidant water (with a high mineral content) should be able to help prevent that and keep your body’s pH balance where it needs to be.

If the body is slightly alkaline, this supports good circulation of oxygenated blood through the lungs and back into the heart and so on to the rest of the body. Acidity, on the other hand, can deprive lung cells of the needed oxygen and can eventually lead to weakened lung tissue which is more vulnerable to disease.

One of the most important functions of the pancreas is to produce digestive enzymes to help counteract the effects of the acidic bile from the stomach. However, it can only do this by using alkalized bicarbonate ions. Otherwise, this bile can cause pain and inflammation and also erode the linings of the digestive tract, leading to potentially serious health problems

The kidneys are incredibly important, since they are responsible to for processing the fluids of the urinary tract. If acidity in the body is high, the body will try to compensate for this by pulling minerals from the bones to help alkalize the blood, and this mineral deposits can be transformed into painful kidney stones. Drinking alkaline water can help prevent this.

So if you are wanting to make a small change in your lifestyle which can have a big impact on your health, consider drinking alkaline water instead of regular water from the tap. It can help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease, strengthen your immune system so that you are better able to fight off illness and infection and even improve your digestion.

You can get a good alkaline antioxidant machine here,

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