What is H2 or Hydrogen Water ?

Hydrogen (H2) water is water with a high concentration of dissolved hydrogen and high electron activity, and is also referred to as antioxidant water. It is produced by electrolysis in a water ionizer that literally takes apart the H2O water molecule and than puts it back together with an extra hydrogen electron. It is now referred to as H2 Water and when added to the body it supplies the missing electron that free radicals are looking for. As most of us know free radicals are responsible for degenerative diseases like, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and a general weakening of the immune system.
In 2007 with a lot of people talking about the benefits of drinking alkaline water, the United States and a few other country’s started doing studies and research on the subject and why some people get results and others don’t. What they are finding out is although maintaining a slightly alkaline ph balance in the body is very beneficial it’s the extra electron, that is only produced through electrolysis in an ionizer, that is responsible for fighting off these degenerative diseases. The only problem is the extra electrons created dissipate (escape) within 16 to 18 hours after the H2 water is created. In other words you have to drink it while it is fresh.
Another thing that happens when the H2 water is created, is during the electrolysis the water molecule is changed in another way that is inaccurately referred to as micro-clustering. In demonstrations it appears to be the result of a smaller molecule size and has been reported as such by many researchers and doctors when in fact what is happening is the electronic field around the molecules are changed allowing for up to 6 times better hydration than normal.
The H2 rich alkaline antioxidant water produced by a good water ionizer made from high quality materials and medical grade plates is quickly becoming the accepted first line of defense in maintaining good health. Before long every home will have one, and with prices starting at only $1480 US from the top of the line company, it’s actually cheaper than bottled water for the average family plus healthier and eliminates the tons of plastic bottles that end up in our environment every day.
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3 thoughts on “What is H2 or Hydrogen Water ?

  1. Excellent Post on Hydrogen rich water Chris. I have had a slowly progressive and chronic neuromuscular disorder now for over twenty years and recently acquired an Enagic® Kangen Water® SD501 Platinum appliance (September 2014). I have been amazed at the massive difference it has made to my health, so much so that I am not on any medication whatsoever, and I am positive that I have actually arrested the deterioration in my body, which was extremely ‘acidic’ and full of toxins from our food and drink regime over the last 30+ years. We are now vegetarians and eat only organic, as well as having the incredible benefit of our new appliance in our kitchen at home, with a daily supply of Kangen Water®, for all the daily household chores as well. Thanks for sharing this with us. Kind regards Ron & Michele West 🙂


  2. Thanks a lot Ron, glad to see it is doing so much for you, it has helped our health in so many ways also. We get enough people on Kangen water maybe we can put doctors and drug dealers, I mean drug companies, out of business. LOL…


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