New Years diet, Sugar enemy number one.

We have learned so much in the last 4 years about what we put in our body. We also decided that the first 3 months of 2017 we would change every habit we can for the good, even if we don’t like it (after all it’s only 3 months) and than see how many of these good habits will stick. Wish us luck…
We need help, can someone please direct us to research studies on sugar….. We switched to drinking #AlkalineAntioxidantWater 4 years ago and it has helped us (and anybody we share it with) soooo much it has been hard to believe we can healthier. Being on average 70% water, what we drink is only part of the story and we have vowed to do something about the other 30% this year. I have always liked my sugar and lately have been cutting it down by a BUNCH. But we do need a good-for-you sweet alternative. Some people say honey, some say coconut sugar (but that is still sugar, right?). I need to find out the real good-bad-and-ugly so I can recommend the truth on our health site. Thanks for any help,
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Happy New Year Everyone….cartoon

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