High alkaline foods

I know some people that can keep their body in an acid-alkaline balance by the foods they eat and by observing their eating habits it did not look like it was easy to do. So I did some checking and came up with a couple short lists of high alkaline food and high acidic foods.

High alkaline foods include,  Stevia, Maple Syrup, Raw Honey, Brown Rice, Brown Sugar, Lemon, Watermelon, Grapes, Papaya, Dates, Figs, Melons, Kiwi, Blueberry, Orange, Banana, Cherry, Pineapple, Peaches, Avocados, Apple, Pear, Asparagus, Onions, Carrots Tomato, Fresh Corn, Vegetable Juice, Parsley, Raw Spinach, Broccoli, Green Beans, Celery, Lettuce, Mushroom, Cabbage, Peas, Olive, Soybeans, Almond, Chestnut, Canola Oil, Millet, Green tea, Ginger Tea etc.

High acidic foods include, Cooked Spinach, Kidney Beans, String Beans, Chocolate, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Corn Oil, Pecans, Cashew, Peanut, Walnut, Bread, White Rice, Sugar, Pastries, Pasta, Turkey, Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Pork, Shellfish, Egg, Butter, Yogurt, Ice Cream, Tea, Coffee, Beer, Soft Drink, Cola etc.

There is a lot on the alkaline list I was happy to see and than a few on the acidic side I really like and I think life would not be complete with out a few of them. I think that is where most of us are, we know some things are not real good for us but we really like them.

Considering our body is 75% water, than that can make a big difference with the liquid we drink. I still stay COMPLETELY away from sodas or sport drinks of all kinds, never have been a beer drinker, thank God. But I do like food, so what we do is only eat any of the acidic foods with our main meals because that is when our stomach needs the acid anyway, By the way don’t drink alkaline water with your meal it will counter act with your stomach. Wait half hour after eating before going back to alkaline water and if I had eaten very acidic like a steak or something I drink a little extra water later and make sure all my snacks are from the alkaline list.

Acid / Alkaline Balance youtube video about 6 minutes


As low as $20 per month, machines and their uses,  http://www.alkaline-antioxidant-water.com

Snow day, I think I’ll read.

Snowed again last night and we won’t be above freezing for at least the next several days. Makes everything pretty and white.

So I’ve done a bit of reading today,

Boy is alkaline water and health a charged subject, You have people on one side saying it’s good for you and of course on the other side people saying it is not and comparing alkaline antioxidant water to snake oil. Interesting that most of the people against it, have never tried it. Like I told one magazine writer, It would be like me writing a book about being blind, oh sure I could close my eyes, does that qualify me ? Maybe I should write a book about being blind, what do you think. She even had some science people ‘water experts’ that she had talked to. Basically they said they could not find a reason for it to do anything, I don’t think they tried it either. Probably got their liquid from a Bar. That may be a bit harsh, sorry Jane. She and the experts did go on to say that getting your body a little on the alkaline side was good for you, What ? But not alkaline water ?

Than on the other side are the people that have tried the water and as you can well imagine all the glowing reports. We know too many people that have had great results and can do things now they could not before. So I went and found a couple experts of my own. Here is what they had to say,

Theodore Baroody D.C., N.D., Ph.D., Dipl. Acu. Author of the book Alkalize or Die “I have administered over 5000 gallons of this water for about every health situation imaginable. I feel that restructured alkaline water can benefit everyone. The countless names attached to illness do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause: too much tissue acid waste in the body.”

David S. Dyer N.M.D., Ph.D. “Even with good health, I don’t want to challenge my immune system every time I go to the tap for a drink of water. A recent research project using specially bred mice that have a weakened immune system had some astonishing results. One group of mice was given plain tap water resulting in an average life span of 235 days. A second group given restructured alkaline water had an average life span of 346 days. The restructured alkaline water significantly increased the second group’s life span and strengthened their immune system”.

Now everybody’s body is different, That is the neat thing about being able to let people try the water for awhile to make sure it works for them. What other product can you do that with ? I even made my wife get water from our neighbor for 3 months just to make sure there was no ‘faith healing’ at work here. I was not a water drinker at the time, just an arthritis sufferer.

Than I made the mistake of getting a cheap machine (no one told me Enagic had a very good $1480 machine) and all of her good results turned bad, fortunately when we got the machine we have now all her good results came back. And that may have a lot to do with some of the negative, is the leaching of the metals in the cheaper machine. But being everybody is different once in awhile we run across someone that it does not seem to do anything for, about 1 in 20.

Alkaline benefits in diet

This is from a health site article that I think shows how alkaline Kangen water works in the body in a get to the point way;;

“”Disease can not live in an alkaline body” Dr. Otto Warberg

“NO disease, including CANCER, can exist in an alkaline environment.” – Dr. Otto Warberg, 1931 Nobel Prize winner for cancer discovery

An alkaline body promotes health on several accounts:

1. An alkaline body has plenty of antioxidants.

2. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which are particles that can cause mutations on the healthy body cells.

3. If those free radicals out number antioxidants, their the chronic presence will make healthy cells to mutate into cancer cells.

4. Free radicals also can cause other health conditions like auto immune diseases.

5. One benefit of drinking alkaline water or kangen water is that it makes the immune system stronger, helping in combating diseases.

The easier way to make your body alkaline is by eating fruits and vegetables, including green leafy ones, that have not been cocked, preserving all nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Green leafy vegetables like kale, green chard, lettuce, broccoli, cilantro, parsley, celery, and others, are a great source of nutrients that makes your body alkaline and healthy.

Processed foods, canned, boxed food, over cooked food, just even cooked, have the opposite effect: they do not have the necessary nutrients, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals the body needs to be healthy and strong; to be able to fight germs, viruses and diseases.

Because of the speedy modern life, most people just go to restaurants, fast food places or just open a box, packet, or can of food. That food makes your body acidic, a recipe for diseases to come.

A very effective way to counter act the damaging effects of food deprived of alkaline nutrients, is to drink lots of alkaline water.

Drinking alkaline water kangen water in large quantities, a gallon a day, helps to detoxify the body, and to incorporate the necessary alkaline elements that makes your body alkaline and brings you back to health. “

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Degenerative disease and diabetes

I wanted to share something I just learned recently about diabetes and that is it’s most commonly a degenerative disease and that most of the degenerative disease in todays society is a result of an acidic body. Caused from our high acid diet of packaged and fast food, sodas, sport drinks and beer. (sorry beer)

It was shown by 2 time Nobel Prize Dr Otto Warburg that changing the blood PH even just a little to the alkaline side slows down the degeneration and eventually it goes away because it’s the wrong environment.

I know of several and I have heard of others that within a couple months of drinking Alkaline Antioxidant water that you make at home with a quality water ionizer, were able to get off insulin completely. It is worth looking into, I know personally that I have had tremendous pain relief from arthritis. And I hear every day from people I share water with how much it has done for them.

Why as a society are we so slow about learning these things ? It’s like, ‘Well it was good enough for Granddad, I guess it’s good enough for me’ Yea but granddad hurt all over and sometime after 60 he started really slowing down. Well I’m well into my 60’s and I don’t plan to slow down too much anytime soon. We have places to go, fish to catch, mountains to climb (I have slowed down on those, because I’m smarter), I can still out walk the grandkids.

I plan to live to be 100, but what point would it be if I was sick all the time ?

Have a fantastic and Healthy New Year…

Helping others get healthy.

I guess the most fun about sharing Alkaline water and it’s benefits is when we are able to actually share the water. We generally deliver water to people for free every Monday, Wednesday and Friday within a 50 mile radius for 3 weeks so people can actually try the water.

I feel like the old milkman, We just ask people to set their jugs out on the porch and we just drive by and leave full ones. We want people to be educated and quit all sodas and sport drinks for that period.

A few people have reported getting a headache at first and some quit. But for the ones that try it, over 90% report a noticeable positive improvement of some kind and the list is varied, psoriasis clearing up, blood pressure coming down, arthritis and general aches and pains gone, stomach problems no more, major gout relief, cancers in remission, athletes foot and infections gone (2.5ph water), PMS relief, muscle soreness relieved, dry skin and acne improved, cholesterol lowered, being able to get off insulin, weight loss and more energy to just name a few.

It is very rewarding to have been a help to people. What kind of results will you have ?    Or if you are drinking the water, tell us about it, leave a comment.

Have a great new year,

My experience with Micro-clustered water

I just wanted to let you know about my experience with Micro-clustered Kangen water. The molecules are very small so they penetrate better than any other water, bringing oxygen and nutrients into your cells 4 times better than tap water. I’m 63 and last summer I was on the other end of 20 ft 2×12’s with my nephew who is 21 and in good shape on the other end and we were taking them up ladders (him on one end me on the other) and putting them on top of a barn, all day long. He drinks Mountain Dew and I drink Kangen water 9.5ph. He was sore for two days while I never felt it (that surprised me). Anyway the point is, we are 75% water and no matter what you put into your body if the water you are drinking does not get the nutrients and oxygen into the cells you are wasting it. And that is not counting the fact that my left arm and shoulder that has been hurting more and more over the last 10 years, does not hurt anymore.

For a quick preview check this out, http://www.kangendemo.com

Follow up on machines and filters

Good Morning,
To finish up with what I was saying about the different water ionizers out there. In my opinion the Enagic machines are Bullet Prof, If you can’t afford a new one (and they have a really nice individual/dorm size for only $1480). Than get a used Enagic machine from like Ebay or something, should be able to get one for about $500 or so and as long as the computer inside is still working, the most it would need is a good deep cleaning and maybe a new filter and it is ready to go. The rest of them are like $10 coffee pots, they will work at first, until their cheap little components corrode through and they fall apart. Now you can help them out by giving them very clean filtered water before it even gets to the ionizer, that will help all of them. Of course we still don’t know what metal impurities are in them, but that is another subject. A note about filtration, first in line should be an inexpensive carbon filter. It’s a good pre-filter that removes a bunch of junk and a lot of the chlorine, change it often. Next in line I suggest a ceramic filter, it is easy to clean and reuse at the same time filtering down to the 1 micron size. Reverse Osmosis, GOOD & BAD. The GOOD, it removes almost 95% of everything in the water and filters are actually cheap. and you don’t have to change them often. The BAD, it removes almost everything, so not only are you not getting some of those trace elements and electrolytes, water has what is called ‘memory’ it wants those trace elements and electrolytes back so it literally takes them out of your body. So you get things like osteoporosis or your arthritis flares up. Also a water ionizer will not work with straight RO water, so He gave us a solution. Add a remineralizer filter after the RO unit and put the good stuff back in. Even if you don’t have an ionizer this will make RO good to drink. There is organic and inorganic, some filters are made from crushed rock I went with the ones made from coral. Coral is animal made. I’ll have to do a video of our filter setup. Merry Christmas Chris, Donna & Coco

A little bit about different alkaline water machines.

The big debate out there is not about “is Alkaline, Antioxidant water good for the body?” Everybody ,including doctors that have actually looked into it, (did you know that for all the years they spend in Med school, on average they only get 20 to 30 hours of training on Nutrition) anyway, everyone agrees it is good for you.

The debate is about PRICE.

Let me first explain about different metals that most everybody can understand. Lets say you are looking at getting a gold ring, pure gold is too soft for a ring what you find will be from 10K, that is about 41% gold to 18K that is 75% gold. But they are all still called GOLD. Nobody talks about what the other 25% to 60% is, it can literally be mixed with anything and you won’t know till your finger turns green or you have a reaction. Some gold is so watered down that it loses it’s yellow color and they call it ‘white gold’ but it is still gold.

Same thing with the plates inside of water ionizers. Enagic(r) the original Kangen Water machine is the only one that has medical grade solid plates, the rest of the ionizers use cheap plates from China and Korea. And there is people getting sick from the impurities and giving Alkaline water a bad name.

The problem with Enagic (r) is distributors just like me, get paid a commission based on the price of the machine. Sell a more expensive machine get a bigger commission. Did you know Enagic (r) has an excellent Alkaline, Antioxidant drinking water machine (it also does beauty water) for only $1480 ? Most distributors won’t tell you that, they want to sell you the $4000 machine partly because they get a bigger commission. Now don’t misunderstand the SD501 is a great machine, that is what we have and the DX model is very much the same. But my wife uses the High Alkaline water for stain removal and cleaning the oil based pesticides and junk off our fruits and vegetables, and we use the acidic water for killing bacteria and germs, like the infected eye our dog had a few weeks ago (all better now, thanks) to treating my athletes foot and disinfecting our hands on the go with a bottle she takes with us. Someday we will get the Super 501.

But not everybody needs or gets around to using all that, but everybody needs Healthy drinking and cooking water and that is where the Leveluk R model comes in. At only $1480 it gives you the healthy and alive 8.5, 9.0 and 9.5ph drinking and cooking water plus it also gives you the 5.5ph beauty water to keeping you looking good and is an excellent machine, we have sold a lot of them.

I made the mistake of getting one of those Korean machines at first because it was cheaper (didn’t know about the Leveluk R) and according to the internet they were all the same. Than within a couple months our good results went to bad and than to worse. We than bought the SD501 and got all our great results back. That other machine is in it’s box on the back porch. I can’t in good conscience sell it to anyone, so it turned out to be an expensive lesson. But it opened my eyes to the fact that people need to be educated and made aware of what is going on.

How it does what it does.

Alkaline Antioxidant Water and its Health Benefits

Sure, there are many testimonials of people who have had dramatic changes in their medical condition,

The idea is that the water helps the body regain its natural balance, gives it what it needs daily so that it doesn’t have to work so hard to stay ahead of all your daily toxins and regain your health. By alkalizing, you dramatically improve the body’s ability to deal with the daily acids. By super-hydrating (microclustered water) you keep your body well hydrated so that it may easily flush out the toxins it encounters (as opposed to storing them). By antioxidizing you eliminate free-radicals that are wreaking havoc inside our bodies all of the time. Once your body has room to breath, it starts doing what it does best: HEALS ITSELF!

We are bombarding our bodies constantly with toxins in our Western acidic lifestyle. Disease and Obesity is rampant due to prolonged bombardment. Its all the body can do just to keep up with the daily stuff, it doesn’t have time/energy to take care of the other compounding problems.

The point is how the water helps the body regain its delicate balance so that it can heal itself!

This video may be long, but is an education.